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Wisies Are 90-second Inspirational Success Videos
Members Receive 3 Videos every week:
  • 1 for you
    that provides Empowering Wisdom for Great Personal Success.
  • 1 for you & your significant other
    that provides Wisdom for Great Relationships
  • 1 for children
    providing them with life-affirming Wisdom-Messages for their great behavior, self-confidence and life-success.
A harmonious family life that supports the healthy, happy, soaring success of EVERY family member!
Sample Wisie Videos
Inspiring & Proven
Self Improvement Advice
Videos full of
Inspiration & Advice For
Great Relationships
Videos for
Shape Your Child’s Behavior,
Character & Confidence
Videos for
Begin receiving 3 Wisie Videos every week
One for More Success, One for Better Relationships and One for Happier, More Successful Children**.
**No children? … the kid’s videos will touch your heart, remind you of important life wisdom lessons, and nurture the spirit of your inner child.
Our Experts
Bob Lancer

Author, Seminar Leader, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

Marilyn Cramer

Author, Professional Personal Self Development Speaker and Writer

Tom Cramer

Founder and
Wisie, Inc.

What People Say

“Thank you,!!! ... for creating such a wonderful experience for my family.

The Wisies have played a great role in helping both myself and my husband have increased success in both our lives and our relationship.

My daughter, Makayla loves the WisieKidsPlace and is learning all about Dreams and Goals, and that makes Mommy very happy.

Hi to Uncle Wisie from Makayla!!”

– Kacy Thomas, Mom/Wife/Salesperson, Acworth, GA