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Vol. 1 - Issue 1
Latest Wisies
Be the Visionary You have unusually acute foresight and imagination, and you can use this ability to influence your future and your success. When every thought and action is an expression of love, then personal power is achieved.
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Take Responsibility For Your Reaction By taking responsibility for your own emotional reactions, you can see how your habitual reaction of annoyance keeps you in the relationship problem that you presumed was your partner's fault.
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When Someone Hurts Your Feelings Though your feelings get hurt at times, try to not hurt others' feelings. The sad way it makes you feel is how others feel when someone acts unkindly toward them.
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Featured Wisie
Forgive, and Heal Your Relationships Forgiving yourself and others can be difficult, but unforgiveness is a weakness.
Forgiveness sets you free to have healthy relationships with others and yourself, and you are no longer the victim.
Having an unforgiving heart will weaken you, and it can also cause illness and imbalance in your body.
Resentment toward another person leaves you in a weakened state.
Words and deeds from the past cannot be changed, but you can release the emotional response that binds you.
Begin moving beyond your pain, and realize that you and the other person are human.
Everyone makes mistakes, and unforgiveness is the biggest mistake.
When you forgive, you release the victim, and you take control of your thoughts and feelings.
You don’t need to forgive the deed, just the person.
It takes strength and integrity to forgive, and you’ll feel so much lighter and happier – it will be like a weight lifted off your whole Being.

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Featured Articles
The Relationship Law of Growth by Bob Lancer
Life challenges all of us to the utmost at times. There is no escape from this. It is a manifestation of life's Law of Growth.  We either grow through what we go through or we experience a decline in the quality of our lives.
Challenged By Children? by Bob Lancer
What parent would not love to calmly, confidently and competently meet the everyday challenges of child behavior?  A common obstacle to this may surprise you. It is the parent's belief that the child is responsible for the stressful reactions of the parent.
Dreamers Rule The Worldby Bob Lancer
This world is not ruled by human-made laws.  It is not ruled by money or by weapons.  It is ruled by dreamers. Every dream of the future moves the world forward. The world today is the product of yesterday's dreams.
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